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I'm Excited To Be Co-Hosting A New Podcast! "Arty Time"

Arty Time is a podcast about what it's like to be a working artist. My co-host, professional artist GermDee and I talk about the business of art, making art, art collecting, art investing, and more! Whether your an artist, an art lover, an art collector, an art student, an art investor, or just someone who's curious to know more about the business of art, art collecting, art investing etc... we hope you enjoy it~!

Here's the links to the first 2 episodes

Episode 1 - "The Story"

Episode 2 - "You're Gonna Die"

Stay tuned, we'll be recording new episodes often. Please leave us comments on YouTube and our social medias to let us know what you think!

Follow GermDee @

Follow me on all my social medias @

Have an awesome day! -Adam

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