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What I'm Working on This Weekend

This weekend I've been working on another little 8 x 8 inch Mandala painting. I finished up the outline last night, and now all that's left is to put in some extra dots and details to give a more vibrant energy to it.

Although I want to create more big art, I have to say there's something very satisfying about having a small painting go from start to finish in a few days instead of weeks or months like my big pieces. Maybe my next piece will be somewhere in between. I'm thinking maybe a 16 x 16 or a 20 x 20 inch Mandala.

I've been really enjoying the Mandala vibes lately. I have a lot of fun creating in both my styles, but sometimes I do notice I go through spells where I'll be more into one style or the other. Right now I'm having fun riding the Mandala wave, I hope you're enjoying it too!

Stay tuned to see the final picture of this one in a few days. -Adam

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