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Happy Ben

Happy client Ben who bought my painting "Desert Sun"

Rachel Pendant

My happy client wearing her pendant

Colleen earrings

Happy client Colleen wearing a pair of my hand painted earrings

Glenn Shroom Shirt

Happy client Glenn wearing my Mushroom Mandala T-Shirt

One of my Art Collectors Brad

One of my art collectors Brad with his collection of my Mandala art

Adam Tote Bag + Shirt

Happy Client Adam with his Tiki T-shirt and Galactic Vision Portal tote bag

A Happy Mandala Art Patron

Happy Client Sue is the proud owner of my Mandala paintings "Waking Life" and "Soul Flake"

Adam Millward Mandala Artist Art

Happy Client Amanda with her custom painting "Somewhere Over the Moonbow"

Happy Art Patron Jimmy

Happy patron Jimmy with my 80's inspired paintings "Ocean Notion" and "Electric Funk"

Scott Wearing my Darflower Shirt

Happy Client Scott wearing my Darkflower Mandala T-shirt

Quebec Blanket

Happy client Mark and I with one of my Quebec Mandala blankets

Happy Client Bryan In his Tiki T

Happy Client Bryan in his Tiki T-shirt

Happy T-shirt Patron

One of my happy patrons wearing my "Darkflower" Mandala t-shirt

Happy Mandala Blanket patron

Happy patron Kelle and a friend with her "Waking Life" woven blanket

A Happy Custom Mandala Art Patron

Me and happy client Leslie with her custom Mandala painting "Flight of the Phoenix"

Happy Mandala Art Patron Bill

Happy patron Bill is the proud owner of my original Mandala painting "Perfect Harmony"

Adam Millward Mandala silk scarf

Happy client Heather wearing her "Desert Oasis" sil scarf

2 Happy Custom Mandala Art Patrons!

Happy Clients Scott and Jamie from Australia with their custom Mandala paintings

A Happy Custom Mandala Art Patron

Happy client "Frank" with her custom painting

A Happy Mandala Art Patron

Happy client Ursula and her painting "Inner Sanctum"

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