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Throwback Thursday - Picking up a painting I bought from Chris Dyer~!

I added this longboard skateboard Chris Dyer painted to my collection in 2006. It's called "Travelling Angel" and it's about how Chris lets his soul guide him where he's supposed to be. I loved it because I saw him share the progress shots of it from the time he started working on it when he was on one of his trips to Mexico, and eventually saw the final piece when he delivered it to me at my old apartment. The Nintendo controller and bright colors just made me happy and feel like a kid again.

I was an art collector for quite a few years before I ever started painting myself. Meeting Chris and getting to know him a bit while collecting his art and watching his art career grow was quite a privilege. His colorful art made my days brighter, and his example of how hard he worked (and still works lol) to make it happen was a huge inspiration to me as I began my own art journey.

Artists Adam Millward and Chris Dyer

Last year Chris came to visit me in MY studio and ended up buying a couple of my small paintings, what an honor! I feel blessed to have an awesome artist ally and friend. Thanks Chris! Follow him on Instagram @

Artists Adam Millward & Chris Dyer

Thanks for checking out my blog! To start collecting my art, visit Visit -Adam

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