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Throwback Thursday - CoSM Mandala Workshops

One of the things I'm really looking forward to this year is going to Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM - in May to take part in a Mandala workshop. They're run by Rosie and Mike, AKA Illuminated Rose. Instantly when we met for the first time it felt like we were connected, like soul family! I've been to a 3 of their workshops before, this will be the 4th. They're not as much about the artistic aspect of Mandalas as they are about the healing powers they can have. I'm really looking forward to tapping into that side of them, and seeing my friends at CoSM again!

One of the greatest things about these workshops is being with a group of people holding space together with healing intentions. It's a powerful experience. Then through this positive portal, we do several focused meditations where we all create our own healing Mandalas. Then together they form a group Mandala around an altar where we set our intentions in the middle of the room. If you'd like to join us for the workshop, here's where you can sign up -

One other thing that's different for me is - in this workshop we don't use paint to create our Mandalas, we use colored pencils. For me it's a challenge because I'm used to being able to make adjustments as I go by painting over anything that's not quite the way I want it. But with colored pencils, that's not really possible lol So it pushes me artistically at the same time as being a healing experience.

This is one of the drawings that I did at a previous workshop, which is now in a private collection.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'd love to see you at CoSM! In the meantime I hope you have an awesome day. -Adam

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