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My First Ever Collaboration!

I'm super excited to share my first ever collaboration piece! I did this one with my good friend and fellow artist GermDee (follow him on Instagram @germdee). His specialty is taking popular cultural icons and tweaking them into images that comment on things like corporatism, media, religion, politics etc.. For this piece we decided to build a sort of Tibetan style Mandala around a blind Mickey Mouse. GermDee did the Mickey in the middle, and then it was my turn to create the Mandala.

The mixture of the normally impermanent sand Mandala form, and the blind corporate mascot seemed like a perfect juxtaposition of the sacred stories and icons of the past with the ones kids grow up with today. Together the idea was to make a piece of pop art as a commentary on letting go of blind consumerism and corporate fanaticism. To remind people to create their own stories, follow their own passions. We added the final touch of finishing it off with a thick layer of Liquid Glass, forever encasing it in a protective coating.

Mickey Mouse mandala Blind Devotion

Our passion is bringing new creations to life, and sharing them with the world to inspire and motivate, and maybe to make you think a little more deeply about how you spend your limited time on Earth. Are you blindly devoted to something that doesn't help you grow and become a better person? Maybe this piece of art can be a wake up call to do that thing you've always wanted to do. Quit that habit or job you've really wanted to quit. Start that business, take that trip, learn that instrument. Life is short!

Owning this painting can be a daily reminder to you to do just that, and spend more time on your true passions! Take that step forward and add it to your collection here

Adam Millward GermDee Mickey Mouse Mandala

Thanks for checking out my blog! Stay tuned. -Adam

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