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The End Of The Rainbow

Lately I'd been feeling kinda down. Summer is usually a slower season for my art career, but this summer has been especially slow, and I've been feeling pretty stressed. I know these slow times are normal when you're a small business entrepreneur, and that they'll pass. Still, in the middle of them, having to use borrowed money and worrying about making ends meet - doubts can start to creep in. I'm human.

So, I decided to focus on creating this Rainbow Passion Mandala with the intention to help me balance out my emotions, align my chakras you might say, and to focus more on the positive. Some art therapy. So I started with the red and orange in the middle.

While creating this piece I was focusing on remembering even though things are slow right now, there's "gold at the end of the rainbow" if I just keep on following and sharing my passion with consistent dedication. The next part was to add yellow and green to the rainbow.

The intention behind my art career has always been to inspire people to spend more time on their own passions, to build towards making dreams reality. To be an example to people that it's possible. As I started to share the progress of this on social media, people were really into it! It started to remind me there's so many people who enjoy my work. So I kept on going and I was getting excited to share the next progress shot.

By now I was starting to get close to the end, and I had a good feeling about it. Working on it reminded me that being an entrepreneur can be challenging, sometimes it's hard. Sometimes, it can feel like you're going nowhere fast. But, the truth is that just makes it feel so much more amazing and authentically earned when things are going well!

I'm excited that it's already been spoken for by one of my art collectors - the "gold" at the end of the rainbow has manifested! So then I started to think, maybe I should have made a bigger one? lol

So that's what I decided to do next! I'll be creating a similar painting on a 4 x 4 foot canvas next. I've already done a few coats of white on the canvas, I'll be ready to start the colors soon. I'll be doing the same rainbow idea, but a totally different pattern will evolve.

I hope you'll stay tuned to see it come to life! -Adam

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