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"Midnight Moonlight" Mandala

After I do a custom painting, I often like to do a small quick one with my own design inspirations. When I do custom work it usually takes me a bit longer. First I have to have a chat about what to create, and often I have to do some sketches first. Then the whole way through I'm thinking about what the person I'm creating for would want. When I create art without having to meet someone's expectations, I can get into a state where I don't think as much and just go with the flow a little more.

A while ago I did a big 48 x 48 inch painting "Water & Stone" with similar colors. I really liked how the combination of grays and blues with white gives a bit less of a trippy psychedelic Mandala vibe, and a bit more of a modern nature inspired design vibe. It makes me think of mountains capped with snow, and winter. Cold, cloudless nights, with stars twinkling brightly and a full moon reflecting off the fresh snow making it glitter like thousands of diamonds. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

By sharing my passion I hope to inspire you to dedicate more time to your own passions and the things that bring you joy. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, have a great day! -Adam

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