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A Little Bit of Magic

I got this little ceramic mushroom 2-3 years ago with the intention of painting it, and I finally got around to making it into art! Painting on something 3D like this is a bit of a challenge. So was getting good pictures of the whole thing! lol This is the top view

"Magic Mushroom" acrylic paint on ceramic, mandala art by Adam Millward

As I was working on it, I had to be careful as I went around it that I didn't touch the wet paint, or roll it on my table. It took a bit longer than I expected because a few times I did touch the wet paint and roll it, so I had to just be patient and let paint dry before I continued after frustrating myself a few times lol Here's a side view

And this is the side view from a different angle.

I varnished it, and signed and dated it on the bottom. Now it's ready to spread its happy colorful and magical vibes. If you want those vibes in your home, grab it here!

I've also been working on some other things recently. Stay tuned for the biggest painting yet in my 1980's inspired abstract style, and a funky new custom Mandala I did for a client! Have an awesome weekend! -Adam

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