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My Mandala Art Is Featured In CoSM's "Journal of Visionary Culture"!

I'm super excited that for the second time, my Mandala art is featured in CoSM's ( Journal of Visionary Culture! It's such an honor to see my art displayed with so many other super talented and respected artists. If you're unfamiliar with CoSM, it stands for Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. It's an artist & spiritual retreat in New York's Hudson Valley, created by world famous artists Alex and Allyson Grey.

They put out this publication to spread the vibes and share the spirit of the worldwide sacred, creative community. Keep a lookout for them at your local metaphysical shops and bookstores, and check out past issues @

The theme of this issue was "Love". The cover artwork is by Alex Grey.

It's so awesome to see my "Waves of Love" Mandala included in the "Cosmic Gallery" part of the Journal!

Here's a close up of the Mandala painting I submitted, "Waves of Love". I painted the original painting in 2015, and it was 12 x 12 inches, acrylic paint on canvas.

Stickers and prints with this design are available! If you love my art and want to show some love, they're available @

Thanks for checking out my blog, sending out Waves of Love to you! -Adam

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