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✨ A Massive New Mandala Painting!

I started this huge Mandala painting in the middle of May, and I finally got it finished! I'm excited to share it with you all. The first part of painting one of my Mandalas is to create the pattern. I don't make any sketches or drawings first, I just start right on the canvas with a light color of paint. First I make a dot in the middle, then it slowly grows.

I add a part to the pattern, then repeat it 4 times. The way I get the symmetry right is a lot like how musicians remember exactly where the notes are on a guitar or a piano - muscle memory.

After the over 7000 hours I've spent painting Mandalas, I have a natural feel for the distances, angles and curves of the new part of the pattern I just added. So recreating them another 3 times is sort of like playing the same series of notes again.

Done creating this pattern! Next it's time to add color - the longest part.

For this one I felt inspired by nature and Spring. I wanted to give it the vibe of a peaceful Japanese rock garden. I went with light greens, grays and some earthy browns.

The next phase is the line work. I go over the pattern again to tighten it up, and add contrast. I usually find that the most relaxing part. Can you see the difference where the outline is done already compared to where it's not?

After the outline is all done, it starts to feel like the whole painting is almost done. But I still wanted to add some final details to make it pop a bit more, and add a little more contrast.

Here it is all done! I named it "Peaceful Garden", and decided to get a picture with it in my own backyard's peaceful garden! It's 48 x 48 inches, acrylic paint on canvas.

If the vibes are calling to you and you'd like to be the owner of this one of a kind original painting, it is available on my website, click here

Now that you've read this far, head on over to my online store and save 15% on your entire order using coupon code "save15" !

I hope my art makes you feel inspired to follow your own passions -life is short! -Adam

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