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🔱NEW 🔱 - "Black Magic Woman"

I was away on vacation in Las Vegas for the last week, which I'll make a post about once I organize all my photos lol In the meantime, I'm back with some new art ready to share! I painted this mask the day before I left. I love to paint on masks, they have a sort of magical, ancient feel to them. For thousands of years people have made masks, sometimes for rituals, sometimes as a disguise, sometimes just for fun as costumes.

Painted Mask by Artist Adam Millward

For this one I was thinking of the funky styles of the 1980's, and I wanted to depict a more feminine than masculine vibe. I started by painting the whole mask black, then added the long sea foam green and funky pink and white eyelashes. All the other design elements came together and it ended up with a sort of "black magic" feel to it, so that's why I chose the name!

Stay tuned, I had a really cool time in Las Vegas, I'll post about it in the next day or 2! -Adam

Nexus Logo - Adam Millward Artist

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