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BOOM 🎇🎆- My Big Mandala Painting Is All Colored In!

I'm getting excited with how this new 4 x 4 foot painting is coming together! Coloring the pattern in is the longest part. For this one I went with light greens and grays. I'm basically thinking of a rock garden in early spring. Little shoots of new growth, and light green buds starting to appear on bushes and trees.

Although it's colored in already, I still need to do a second coat. In some places the paint is a little thinner, but you can only really tell exactly where once it dries. The second coat doesn't take as long as the first coat because I can mainly just paint the places where the first coat is a little thinner.

Next I'll go over the outline of the pattern again to add contrast and tighten it all up. For me that's the part where it starts to feel like I'm getting close to finishing. I know it will clean up the overall look of the painting, and then after that I'll just add a few more details to finish it. Stay tuned!

Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with a title for my paintings, but for this one I'm already thinking of the name "Peaceful Garden" - what would you name it?

Let me know in the comments! -Adam

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