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A Memorial Mandala - "Sam's Journey"

This Mandala painting is a memorial piece in memory of Sam Floyd. Sam and the patron who commissioned it were neighbors. Sam was in the Navy for 27 years, and was very patriotic. So I went with stars and stripes, and I put the anchors in. The black and white part is shaped like a Navy shoulder insignia, and has a cross attached to a Star of David attached to the Infinity symbol in it. He was Christian, and his widow is Jewish. I also put 27 dots around the corners, one for each year of his Navy service, and because it leaves one missing in the upper right hand corner, to signify how he is missed.

"Sam's Journey" - In Memory of Sam Floyd - 20 x 20 inches, acrylic paint on canvas

memorial Mandala art by Adam Millward - "Sam's Journey"

If you'd like to memorialize someone special with a one of a kind Mandala painting, I can do that. Tell me about your best memories, and their hobbies and passions, and I can turn those ideas into a piece of art that will always keep those memories close by.

For more info on hiring me for custom art, click here -

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