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2nd Painting in my New Style!

After I finished "Soul Searching" - my first painting in this new style - I felt an awesome rush! The feeling was back! The "I can't believe I did that!" feeling. The feeling that made me decide to pursue art as a career in the first place - the feeling that made me want to inspire other people to make art so they might have that feeling too!!

Before the paint was even dry on "Soul Searching", I ripped open a fresh 8 x 8 inch canvas. I quickly laid out the basic ideas I had. I was in the zone, feeling inspired, excited even! I felt this new style got me into a flow state like the Mandalas do, where they sort of create themselves and I just have to go along for the ride. I was so in the zone I got it done in just a couple of days!

Here it is - what would you name it? I'm curious what kind of vibe it gives off, so please tell me your suggestions in the comments section below! If I choose your name you'll get a free print of "Soul Searching" and some stickers!

It is also available for sale, here - $175 (FREE shipping USA/Canada!)

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