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Each ring I make is uniquely hand painted. No two are exactly alike. Details matter, so to finish each pin with care, I cover the sides with a metallic coating. Then each ring is coated by hand with a durable and resistant varnish.

Every ring features a solid stainless steel 17mm adjustable band that can tighten or loosen to fit different size fingers.


Each ring also has a REALLY COOL 3D EFFECT when viewed through RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses. Add a pair to your order for an additional $3.50,  and you'll be able

to see a whole new dimension to your ring!


If you ever need to clean your ring, use warm water and soap, and a soft fabric cloth. Don't use  a paper cloth. I hope you enjoy wearing it for years to come! 

Ring #18 - .75" Hexagonal

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