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"GENTLE THOUGHTS" - 8 x 8 inches, acrylic paint on canvas


One of the things that has helped me feel calmer during this pandemic  has been listening to some talks by Buddhist monks from the Plum Village monastery.


One of the concepts they talk about is that suffering is a fact. There will always be suffering in some form because we are all attached to things that change, our health, our family, our jobs etc...


But at the same time, there is a way to reduce the suffering. If we choose not to feed it as much. To accept it. To let it go.


Many times people will get lost in sad memories, or fears of the future, and miss what's happening right now.


When I realize I'm stuck in one of those states, I try to remember that it's OK to suffer, and that it's a part of life. By accepting it, it becomes easier to experience it, and let it go.


Then I can focus on painting and creating things like this Mandala


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"GENTLE THOUGHTS" - 8 x 8 inch acrylic painting on canvas

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