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 Buy 2 , get 1 FREE!*

Use Coupon Code "B2G1HAIR"

*All prices are listed in  US$. The lowest priced item of the Buy 2 get 1 free offer will be the free item


Each hair pin I make is uniquely hand painted. No two are exactly alike. Details matter, so to finish each one with care, I cover the sides with a metallic coating.


Then each hair pin is coated by hand with a durable and resistant varnish.

The hair pins themselves are brass with colored enamel, or metal plating depending on the color.


Each hair pin also has a REALLY COOL 3D EFFECT when viewed through RainbowDepth™

Color Shift 3D Glasses. Add a pair to your order for an additional $3.50,  and you'll be

able to see a whole new dimension to your hair pin!

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