I love to get feedback  - it helps me remember my Mandala Art is  making a difference! If you've found my spiritual art inspirational or healing in any way, or even if it just made you smile , let me know and I might add your comments here! 


Gabriel Barrera - "From my heart of hearts, You are a real inspiration to me and have become a personal hero. Keep your amazing work up!"


Simeon Nation - "Your art is incredible and tells a story through its steady pattern. Watching your art online has inspired me to pick up the brush. My hand is not quite steady enough to pull off your mandala style but i love your work Adam"


Ra El - "The work you do is very ancient and I don't know if you know how much wisdom is in your artwork. Your artwork is what I teach. Your work is actually 12D gematria. It is what I call the holy grail of knowledge. Love the work!"


Sandra Cohoe  - "My friends like ur paintings. Its magical."


Chris Mcclanahan  - "Your paintings make me happy when I look at them."


Stephanie Van Derbur - "Adam I remember your story...so inspiring! I try to draw every day so maybe one day I can do the same!"


Dale Eulitz - "OMG,......I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK !!!!!"


Pinky Montana - "Your art is rad, man. I also dig the intent behind it. I'm an artist as well, 
with a similar passion."




Angelica-Allen Silkwood - "Hey man I was going thru your paintings and just from reading some of your words i can tell you have an amazing soul. Keep that energy flowing man i can feel it all the way from Hanford California  ps. Your paintings are very inspirational!"


Jeniffer Scitern - "I love your Zen energy. Your art is magical and healing."


Nanette Fredrickson -  "There's just not enough good words to be said 
about your art/talent!!! It's beyond words!! It just makes me smile! 
And your art just awakens all those happy and loving feelings!! Thank you!!"


Tori Anne - "Your work is so intensely inspiring!"


Troy Horwell - "I get so much from looking at photographs of your art on FB. I would absolutely LOVE to have one on my wall. One day soon 
hopefully.Your Mandala's truly stimulate my mind, soul& body. When I really take time with them and follow them through all their levels, my mind alters its function for the better"


Marty Yother - "Every mandala you paint inspires me to look deeper. Thank you"


Brandon Brightpath  - "Adam Millward your talent truly is a gift to Humanity. Your Art speaks to my Soul"


Suzanne Toone  - "thank you...i am so inspired by artists like you."

Melody St Clair - "Yes indeed  your such an inspirition Adam! 
You have inspired me to get back to painting .
Recently I ve started writting songs again and practice ing ..
Thank you Adam for being you
So I could remember me again...
You are MY inspirition 
Really ! LOVE and Light always"


Saška Zrimšek "Adam .. your work is amazing. ..truly speeking. I don't know how to appreciate a lot of art . It has to strike me and make me feel something ... i truly enjoy your art and there is not a lot of artists i can name ... i love Alex Grey for example .. i am blown out by his art ... your art calms me and brings me joy .. Vincent makes me cry.
Thank you for expanding"


Dan Winograd - "Hey man I just wanted to say I love your art, every time I see one of your pieces I instantly feel better! Don't ever stop doing what you are doing, I appreciate it!"

Adam Millward  

1-877-596-3987 - Toll Free USA/Canada

514-574-3959 - Montreal, Canada 


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