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"HOPE" - 15 x 30 inches, acrylic paint on 1.5 inch thick gallery wrap canvas


This Coronavirus siruation has upended life as we knew it. Isolation, anxiety and uncertainty are causing people's mental health to deteriorate. A lot of people feel their freedom is being taken away, and that society is moving in a dangerous direction. A lot of people are terrified they or their loved ones might get sick or die. So many people are out of work, and unable to provide for themselves and their families. So many people are suffering in so many different ways.

Although I chose a syringe with a rainbow injection to represent "Hope", I don't necessarily mean a vaccine. I personally wouldn't want to be forced to take a vaccine that was rushed through the safety and approval process. Historically, it has taken 5-15 years for vaccines to be deemed safe and effective. There's potentially trillions of dollars on the line for a company that develops a successful vaccine, as governments worldwide will quickly purchase it. The potential for someone like "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli to skew results in testing and release an unsafe vaccine is definitely there.

That being said, vaccines have saved lives, and eradicated some diseases that used to be prevalent. SO, it COULD mean a vaccine if that gives you hope. It could mean a drug that eliminates the worst symptoms of infection for people who are infected so people don't die from it. It could be hope you get your job back and the economy recovers quickly. It could be hope that you'll get to see your loved ones again soon. It could be hope that the world moves towards a more sustainable future. Whatever "Hope" means to you, that's what I meant this painting to mean. I hope you can find a little hope in it! 


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"HOPE" - 15 x 30 inch acrylic painting on canvas

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