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Some BIG News to share!

I have some really exciting new to share! About 10 days ago I met with an art dealer who was interested in representing me. SO far during my art career, I've focused on selling my own art, and not at all on finding a gallery or dealer to represent me. I always felt that if I did my own thing and built a solid reputation for myself as far as style, professionalism, and a track record of selling my own art, some day a gallery or dealer would reach out to me. In this case - that's what happened. It's really encouraging to know my work got on the radar of someone like that~!

So last week I brought some of my art over to his office and showroom for inspection. It's in a beautiful old building in Old Montreal that was built in 1846. The modern architecture was built to leave as much of the original structure as possible visible. Brick walls, exposed pipes, huge wooden supporting beams etc.. A cool juxtaposition of past and present.I'm happy to say my art made the grade as "professional quality"~! I knew it would, but, it's still nice to have it confirmed. I'm looking forward to seeing how they look once they're hung. Hopefully I'll get to see that in the next week or so.

I decided that due to the big news I got, I would do a HUGE canvas next! it will be the biggest painting I've ever done so far, 8 x 4 feet. That's twice as big as the biggest ones I've done so far! The canvas doesn't even fit in my regular studio area, so I had to set up another studio area in my showroom to work on it. I'm doing one of my 1980's inspired/video game style paintings on it. I still have some other pieces I'm working on that I have to finish up, but I couldn't wait to get started on it. It feels like this style of my art is meant for canvases this size. This is where I'm at on it now, I'll be sure to share some more progress shots along the way, so stay tuned!

Eventually I'll do a Mandala this size - or maybe bigger! Stay tuned, 2019 feels like it's gonna be huge in more than one way, and I'm excited for all my friends and fans who've enjoyed following and supporting me so far to come along for the ride! I hope it will inspire some of you to do the thing(s) you've always wanted to do. It might take 3-5-10 years to materialize some goals the way you want them to. But, the time will pass anyway... I hope you feel inspired to start, or take the next step to make it happen!

Something else I wanted to share is the most recent episodes of the "Arty Time" podcast I'm co-hosting with fellow artist GermDee.

In Episode 3 - "Self Sabotage" we talk about a lot of things, but one of the main focuses is on not doing things that will sabotage your own aspirations to make a career as an artist. Watch it @

In Episode 4 - "Don't Be Cheap" we talk about how you'll have to spend time and money on your art career, and how being cheap with either can end up costing you opportunities. Watch it @

And - stay tuned for a new episode soon where we'll have our very first special guest on the show!


One other thing I wanted to share in case you missed it was my new 100% cotton Raglan sleeve piped cadet collar jackets that have my "Seed" Mandala stunningly embroidered on the left breast.

I named the Mandala "Seed" because the white parts with the circles on the end made me think of how a plant seed starts to sprout. In the case, the Mandala is the "Seed". I felt it was a great one for Spring, a time to clean out the old, and plant some new seeds!

Here's a close up of the embroidery.

There's only a few in each size, get yours today @

Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you have an awesome day! -Adam

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