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Wow - What An Honor!

Wow I'm really excited about this! Chris Dyer asked me to paint one of his new "Galactic Boy" toys for an upcoming group show in Colorado. He's asked a bunch of different well known artists to take his blank creature, and turn it into a collaboration of his sculpture and their paint. I'm super humbled and honored to be among the artists he chose!

If you would have told me back when I was first collecting Chris's art that one day he'd ask me to paint one of his creations and participate in a group show of his as an artist myself? Well, I wouldn't have believed you. Even if you took me in a time machine and showed me lol

This is the blank "Galactic Dude" toy, complete with skateboard accessory and the box he comes in.

Chris Dyer Toy Galactik Boy

I'm going to start painting it in a week or so, I have a few other custom things to wrap up first. But stay tuned for me to share some of the process of painting the "Galactic Boy" and some more new art soon~! -Adam

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