I love to create custom Mandala art! I can use almost any idea or theme as inspiration. I can use your favorite colors as inspiration, or a season, a song title or lyric, an emotion, a place, a plant, an animal. When I do custom art, it often gets me to do things I never would have thought of on my own, and gives the patron a chance to be a "co-creator" of their own unique piece of art!


If you would like your own unique custom Mandala painting, fill in the form below and tell me your budget and your ideas!  I will get back to quickly and we can discuss the details. Price will depend mostly on size and level of detail. Bigger and more detailed ones take longer.

I will ask for a 50% deposit. This will guarantee your spot in my schedule. I work on one piece at a time in the order I receive deposits.  The remaining 50% balance + shipping would be due upon completion the piece. I look forward to working with you and creating a unique piece of art you can cherish for many years to come! Below are examples of custom pieces I have done in the past. 

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"Sam's Journey"

20 x 20 inches - Acrylic on stretched canvas- This was a commissioned piece for a client. This piece is a memorial piece in memory of Sam Floyd. Sam and the client were neighbours. Sam was in the Navy for 27 years, and was very patriotic. So I went with stars and stripes, and I put the anchors in. The black and white part is shaped like a Navy shoulder insignia, and has a cross attached to a Star of David attached to the Infinity symbol in it. He was Christian, and his wife